Dinosaur Hunt!

A chipmunk riding on a turtle, wand in hand, accompanied by two grisly-looking dudes with guns go a-hunting in the forest…for dinosaurs.

The boys and I set up a dinosaur hunt about a year ago. We used the free rules from Peril Planet called Big Game Hunter. Playing with the kids, we used short, medium, and long measuring sticks I had cut for use in Song of Blades and Heroes. This greatly simplifies things and helps to keep the game moving. We used these for both moving and shooting.

I let the kids choose a mini for their hunter and when one chose the anthropomorphic chipmunk wizard riding a tortoise I almost said, “no,” like some curmudgeonly wargamer who has lost his imagination and complains about the legitimacy of space marines using camouflage. No, I accepted the awesome power of their imaginations and we went a-hunting with a magic wand that throws fireballs and high-powered rifles!

The game played out great. The youngest scored the most trophies and so was the winner, but only by one dinosaur. The most exciting part was when one carnivorous dinosaur saw us and charged out of the forest. Everyone shot at it and couldn’t take it down. Lucky for the hunters, it came up short on it’s turn, and with another burst of gunfire and a fireball to it’s face, the carnosaur fell dead at our feet.

The next project is a mix of Johnny Quest, Tarzan, dinosaurs, and African safari-type adventures. I’ve got some minis from an old Jurassic Park board game that I am cleaning up, basing, and painting for the games as well as repurposing some cheap toy camels. The velociraptor minis from the board game are actually of good quality. The only thing needed is cleaning some mold lines and shaving off the “JP” on the hips. The T-Rex is small, but he can pass for another smaller carnosaur. Thanks for reading!

Yes! This is what I want to game! Fistful of Lead, here we come! (https://braveandboldlost.blogspot.com/2019/11/tarzan-and-jonny-quest.html)

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