The Quest Gang

Timmy’s Journey from Special Artizan Service Miniatures, also known as not-Jonny Quest miniatures.

I tried to match the above image. It was not easy to find a picture of Dr. Quest without a lab coat.

These boys were not cheap, at least to my standards. I finally bought them though, as my kids are big fans of Jonny Quest. They watch it often on Boomerang. I thought it would be a lot of fun to play some Fistful of Lead or Pulp Alley adventures with the boys.

Race and Dr. Quest fight some Reaper Miniatures Mummies.

The miniatures are exceptionally well sculpted. They are on the smaller side, though. They are not in the heroic scale, so things are much closer to actual scale in terms of hands, heads, and weapons.

Here you can see the difference in scale by manufacturer. Reaper Miniatures mummy.

I dropped Race Bannon and the tip of the Thompson SMG broke off. An unfortunate incident, but doesn’t take too much away from the model.

And they must have a villain to oppose! Dr. Zin! (Doctor Xi, also from SASM)

These are all really great miniatures and I am very happy with them. Even when on the smaller side, they mix well on the table.

Size-comparison lineup. Left to Right: Reaper Bones, Reaper Metal, Warlord Games German with a Pig Iron Metals head-swap, SASM not-Race Bannon, Eureka Miniatures Soviet Tank Crew.

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