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The blog is up again, well, a new blog is up anyway. I regrettably deleted my blog about a year ago. I found that I became too preoccupied with trying to drive people to the site and trying to get likes and subscribers. It seemed to me that I was really trying to feed my ego and pride with the site.

After some thought, I decided to start documenting my miniature adventures once again, not so much for the recognition as for the creative outlet. Don’t get me wrong, I like getting the “likes” and subscribers and comments. All of these things are good so long as I do not get preoccupied with accumulating them. The preoccupation and obsession is what is the problem.

Since deleting my blog I have found that as much as my wife, kids, and friends appreciate my hobby, none of them really “get it” the way my fellow miniature wargames bloggers do. To be in an environment where we can share a mutual interest (or obsession) is a fulfilling part of the hobby and I have been sorely missing this society.

It is regrettable that I deleted my old blog with all of the photos and posts. I had a lot on there including comparison shots of different miniature manufactures, posts with step-by-step painting, and more – all of which I find incredibly useful when others have posted similar things. I can’t recreate the entire site, but I do plan on using the Wayback Machine to recreate some, if not most, of the original content.

I am pretty slow in posting though, as one can see from my single post in the last three months, so don’t expect too much quickly. I do look forward to connecting with you all again in the blogosphere.

Happy gaming everyone! See you out there!

Here’s a Lewis “Chesty” Puller for you.

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